Wakesurf Lessons in Kekova

Wakesurf Lessons in Kekova

On windless days, there are few better activities than wakeboarding – an easy and fun sport. Learn the basics of this water-based activity, which is said to make it easier when you’re learning to kitesurf. In addition, you can test your skills at wake surfing, which will see you “surfing” a wave created by a boat.


Our meeting point is either Demre Harbour or the boat where you’ll meet your instructor. The start time will depend on the weather and wind, so please allow some extra time to ensure you can take advantage of the best conditions. We’ll keep your belongings safe while you’re out on the water, so feel free to bring anything you need with them.


Wakeboarding is simpler than it looks. Once the board is fastened to your feet, the boat will lift you to your feet and pull you along. All you have to do is point the board in the wake of the boat and enjoy the experience. Wakesurfing is a similar activity, with the only difference being that once you enter the wave, you throw away the sling bar and surf the face of the wave.

Included services

– MasterCraft X-7 boat with a driver

– Lifejacket

– Wakeboard/wake surfboard

– Safety instructions

– Photos and videos (on request)


– Minimum age: 16 years

– Good physical health

– Confident swimming skills

Starting from 85,25 CAD$

Pay a deposit 17,05 CAD$