Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to your questions about Sail Turkey holidays with SAILNSTAY’s FAQ page. Covering bookings, preparations, what to expect on your Gulet cruise, and more, it’s your go-to guide for planning the perfect sailing adventure along the Turkish Coast. Get informed, get excited, and get ready to sail with confidence.

About My Booking

If you wish to make any changes to your booking, particularly if you need to alter any flights booked through us, please let us know as soon as possible. Flight amendments often incur extra airline costs depending on the changes to be made and if the ticket has been issued or not.

If you need to cancel your booking, please let us know as soon as possible. This is required in writing and you should refer to the booking conditions with regards to any cancellation charges that may apply. Normally, if you cancel before the final balance is due, the deposit and insurance premium are non refundable but we can usually hold your balance for you to use on a future trip. Please contact SAILNSTAY TRAVEL for further details. Once your final balance has been paid, there is a sliding scale of charges, outlined in the booking conditions. If you wish to transfer your booking to a different holiday or traveller, you should contact us before the final balance is due for your existing holiday, and there are no fees charged by SAILNSTAY TRAVEL to do so. Any changes are, however, subject to any additional fees charged by local suppliers or airlines. Transfers after the final balance is due are classed as a cancellation and re-booking. For cancellations or transfers, please contact Customer Operations.

For many holidays we need your passport details and sometimes other personal information. This might be for registration with the local authorities or for border crossings. A number of airlines now also require full passport information, known as Advanced Passenger Information. If your passport details change before travel, you must provide us with the new details.

What Happens Next

Once you have paid the deposit for your holiday, our sales team will immediately email you your booking confirmation and invoice. If you would prefer these by post, please let them know and it will go out first class within 24 hours (if you have booked through an agent, they will provide you with the necessary paperwork and you should check with them directly). Once you have received your confirmation, please check the information carefully to make sure that we have booked the arrangements you requested. If there are any inaccuracies, please contact us so that we can make the necessary corrections.

We can send your documents either by post or email. Our sales team will normally ask at the time of booking how you would like to receive them, and you can also request posted documents on the web booking form. If you have received your documents by email but would prefer post (or vice versa), please contact the Customer Operations Team by email or on +90-532-591-2445 and they will be happy to resend it.

Once you have paid your deposit and booked on that trip of a lifetime, you will be looked after by our Customer Operations team, who are responsible for all your travel arrangements until you depart. One of our experienced operations executives will be assigned to assist you in any way they can, and their name and contact details can be found at the bottom of your confirmation letter. With nine nationalities and years of experience behind them, there isn’t much they won’t be able to answer for you!

Preparing For My Trip

All nationals require a full passport for all holidays with SAILNSTAY TRAVEL and this should be valid for at least 6 months after the date of your scheduled return home. Please note that for certain trips, we will require your passport details prior to accepting your booking. Furthermore, if you renew your passport after you have booked, it is important you advise us of the new details as soon as possible and you may be required to take your old passport with you to maintain the validity of the trip.

It is an essential condition of joining an SAILNSTAY TRAVEL holiday that you have a valid travel insurance policy to cover the cost of any emergency medical treatment. You are strongly advised to take out your policy at the time of booking to protect your holiday payments in the event of cancellation.

What to pack? We do not produce a comprehensive individual packing list for each tour, as each person’s needs and requirements vary, even for the same trip. But we do help you in the following ways: The trip notes for your holiday include a What to Take section, which will mention items specific to your holiday. Please ensure you check the list carefully, as anything beyond normal travel and clothing requirements will be shown here. The FAQ section for each trip on our website may well contain some advice about what to take. The Reviews section also often contains useful tips from clients who have been on the trip previously. Finally, if you still have questions, you can contact the area expert in our Customer Operations Team, and they will be happy to offer advice and guidance on what is required. Of course no list is foolproof. We may encourage you to take waterproofs, and it will turn out to be the driest year on record. But if we don’t suggest it, you can be sure its going to rain!

You will need to take enough money to cover the cost of meals not included in the trip cost and of drinks, tipping and other incidentals including shopping and optional activities. Advice on the amounts required and the best currency to take is given in the trip notes. Many countries have ATM machines, particularly in major cities, and this can be an ideal way to access cash abroad, although bank charges are sometimes quite high. In addition, credit cards are now very widely accepted, particularly in larger cities. Travellers cheques can also be useful in certain destinations, but are often time consuming and costly to exchange.